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June 15, 2008
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JC Moms by chibi-jen-hen JC Moms by chibi-jen-hen
I like the dad's pic better. LOL Anyways from the top! Counterclockwise.

Amethyst: Emerald's mother and iguana half. She was always a sad woman and never took her arranged marriage to Garnet well. I can't say more or risk spoiling my own comic that hasn't been started yet LOL

Opal: Crystal and Jade's mother. A very caring woman who is charming, witty and saught after by a lot of guys. she wound up being set up in an arranged marriage (like all the JCs at the time) to Onyx, Diamond's brother. Some wheeling and dealing on Garnet's end helped the two finally get together. She's known Garnet and Diamond since they were teens.

Sapphire: Yes ... Sapphire's mother's name is Sapphire. XD This very intelligent woman devoted herself to the study of medicine and was one of the few JC doctors on their home island. She's very straightforward and sarcastic, but devoted to her friends and their cause. She and Garnet were friends since childhood.

Topaz: The new kid on the block is Ruby's mother. Brash, blunt and a bit tomboyish, Topaz was never one to back down from a fight. Garnet and Diamond helped calm her down a bit, but she still has that fighting fire spirit. Topaz wasn't born on the island like the rest of them were, but was more like "imported" once she was discovered to be a Jewel Carrier. (long story XD)

Ok those were short LOL someday I'll write my comic and you can learn more about them. XD
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I love it! Clap 
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It's been six years and you haven't written ONE PAGE of your comic!!
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they are all equally awsome
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Nice!They all look great!!:D
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I can see where Sapphire, Crystal, and Ruby get their looks. :)
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Beautiful moms
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That is so Cool
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